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  Working Together as One SPCA Proposal: Update Dear Members, First of all I’d like to acknowledge your ongoing support for, and commitment to, the Nelson SPCA. Without you we would not be able to achieve the outcomes that we do for animals in need. I am writing to you to provide you with a brief overview of the Working Together as One SPCA proposal. It’s important that you’re kept informed about this proposal, its benefits and what this means for Nelson SPCA and for you as a Member. The Working Together as One SPCA proposal was discussed at the May 2016 RNZSPCA AGM where a decision was made to progress, in principle, the concept of a One SPCA entity. Working Together as One SPCA would bring together all 46 independently governed Centres (7 Member Societies and 39 Branches) plus the RNZSPCA National Office into one cohesive, single legal entity with one vision, one strategy and one ‘voice’ for the animals. Our current structure is not fit for purpose nor is it sustainable. By combining our strengths and our efforts we will achieve better outcomes for all the animals of New Zealand. In particular we will have: more money to spend on the animals – centralised funding opportunities and fundraising initiatives, efficiencies and economies of scale a stronger voice for the animals – more influence, national advocacy campaigns and education the best care for the animals in our Centres – consistent systems, processes and delivery a stronger Inspectorate consistent, professional processes for recruiting, retaining and engaging volunteers improved staff training, career opportunities, engagement centralised governance – one legal entity... read more

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