What you need to know to adopt an animal

SPCA Nelson tries to ensure that all healthy animals coming into our care are offered for adoption to homes that will be best for the animal.

SPCA Nelson reserves the right to refuse adoption.

Essential information

  • If you wish to adopt a kitten or puppy, it is preferable, but not necessary, for someone in your household to be home during the day to supply regular small feeds and for socialisation.
  • All cats and kittens, dogs and puppies available for adoption have undergone a health check.
  • To adopt a dog, you must have a fully fenced property to decrease the chance of the animal straying.
  • All animals are vaccinated and treated to eliminate fleas and worms.
  • The temperament and behavioral habits of all animals are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are adopted by homes that will best suit them, sometimes we do miss some temperament issues but try our best to give an honest and accurate description of animals.
  • SPCA Nelson maintains a very strict policy on de-sexing and neutering both male and female cats prior to adoption. This policy is strictly enforced as the Society’s contribution to reducing the misery of unwanted animals.