Contact Details

Key contacts:

Office hours are Mon – Fri 10am-4pm Ph: (03) 547 7171
Animal Welfare Emergencies – Ph: (03) 547 7171 (This will divert to our Call Centre out of hours and staff will be dispatched between 7am and 9pm as necessary.)

Injured, stray or abandoned animals may be brought to the SPCA at 379 Waimea Road, Nelson during Opening Hours

Postal P O Box 50 Nelson 7040

Nelson City Council Animal Control
Phone 03 546 0200 (24/7 service).

Tasman District Council Animal Control
Phone 03 543 8400.

Or look online:

Microchipped animals are much easier to return to their owners – we can check for microchips and contact the owner immediately.


Nelson SPCA Op Shop 21 Vanguard street Nelson (03) 548 1519

Richmond SPCA Op Shop 219 Queen St Richmond (03) 544 5751