SPCA In Action


If you find an animal that has been in an accident, abused, or simply abandoned, call us at Nelson SPCA

Nelson SPCA has dedicated Animal Welfare Inspectors who responds to reports of animals in need of rescue or rehabilitation.

Out of office hours we do rely on volunteers to cover our Emergency Phone and provide animal rescue and assistance. So we offer an emergency service only.

An Animal Welfare Inspector is a law enforcement officer appointed by Minister of Agriculture to uphold the laws set out in the Animal Welfare Act 1999

Our inspector has specific powers under law:

  • The power of entry onto land, premises or vehicles.
  • The power to seize any animal, where necessary.
  • The power to mitigate suffering.
  • The power to humanely destroy any animal, when necessary.
  • The right to prosecute any person deemed to be breaking the laws set out by the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

These powers are essential to an Inspector so they can investigate complaints into alleged breaches of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

Our Animal Welfare Inspectors are also on hand to to educate members of the community about acceptable and reasonable animal care.

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